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Looking for a rewarding career in the E-commerce fashion industry? Check out our latest job vacancies and join the dynamic team at Yeshan Sarees. We offer exciting opportunities for talented individuals who are passionate about Fashion, Technology , Marketing , Sales and alot more. Are you passionate to provide a resourceful and dedicated insight and value to help your career and our brand grow? Whether you are just starting your career or looking to take the next step, Yeshan Sarees is the perfect place to grow and thrive. Explore our job vacancies today and start your journey with us.


Job Scopes and Description

As a Photo and Video Specialist at Yeshan Sarees, your main focus will be capturing and creating visually stunning content for our Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube channels, as well as our website. You will be responsible for capturing high-quality product images and creating engaging and dynamic video content that showcases the Yeshan Sarees brand. Your role will also involve officially capturing our upcoming campaign shoots or events and creating promotional videos, advertisements, and other creative content.

To excel in this role, you must have a passion for fashion and a talent for capturing and editing visually compelling content. You must stay on top of current fashion trends and use your research to provide valuable insights for script ideas. A good hold on photography and video editing skills is crucial to bring the reality of product colors, intricacies, and other details to life, and to create compelling content with short clips, behind-the-scenes footage, Ad short films, and other creative content.

As a Graphic Designer and Digital Marketer at Yeshan Sarees, your role will be multi-faceted, encompassing both graphic design and digital marketing tasks. You will need to have a strong background in graphic design, with a focus on creating visually appealing and engaging designs for our website, social media channels, and other marketing materials.

In addition to graphic design, you will also be responsible for implementing both on-page and off-page SEO strategies to improve our website’s ranking on search engines, as well as managing PPC campaigns, Facebook ads, Google ads, and other digital advertising campaigns. You will also need to conduct content research to ensure that our marketing efforts align with the latest trends and customer preferences.

Overall, your goal will be to help us create a strong online presence and attract more customers through engaging and visually appealing designs, effective SEO strategies, and targeted digital advertising campaigns. If you are passionate about both graphic design and digital marketing, and have a talent for creating engaging content that resonates with customers, we want you to join our team and be a core team member.

As an In-store Sales Manager and Assistant at Yeshan Sarees, your role will be to provide exceptional customer service and ensure that our customers have an enjoyable shopping experience. You will need to have a thorough understanding of our products and be able to share that knowledge with customers to help them make informed purchasing decisions.

One of your key responsibilities will be to participate in product knowledge and textile literacy training provided by Yeshan Sarees, so that you can confidently communicate the unique features and benefits of our products to customers. You will also need to have strong interpersonal skills, and be able to build positive relationships with customers to foster long-term loyalty

In addition to customer service, you may also be responsible for managing inventory, processing transactions, and helping to maintain the cleanliness and organization of the store. Overall, your role will be to support the smooth and efficient operation of our retail store, and to provide customers with the highest level of service and expertise.

As an Online Store Manager at Yeshan Sarees, your role will involve overseeing the main operation of our e-commerce platform and ensuring that the online operations are being executed efficiently. You will need to have exceptional saree draping skills as you will be responsible for draping and styling sarees for product photo shoots for our website, and ensuring that our product images look aesthetically pleasing and neat.

another key responsibilities will be to efficiently pack and sort online orders, ensuring that they are correct packed and quality checked before delivering to customers in a timely and professional manner. You will need to have experience using WordPress and WooCommerce, as you will be responsible for booking the orders on our wesbsite and manage inventory accordingly.

You will need to keep track of stock levels and provide daily reporting of pre-orders and backorders .

Overall, your goal will be to ensure that our online store operates smoothly and efficiently, and that our customers have a positive shopping experience. If you are passionate about e-commerce and have a strong skill set in saree draping and inventory management. we want you to join our team and be a part of our brand journey.