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The “Yeshan Sarees” Story

Our story began in 2015. An ordinary 18-year old college-going girl who felt like an outcast for being ambitious and disciplined, but most importantly for being driven by a purpose in life. A purpose of creating an empire which would serve the community someday. Yeshan Sarees striked as a coincidental jackpot, for it began as any other online profile trying to make some allowance except the growth was overwhelming and it became a familiar name within the local community. In 2018, we travelled to some parts of the world to decipher the simplest unit of a garment.  We searched for threads, weavers and master tailors. And today, here we are, Yeshan Sarees proudly manufactures its own products in our factory located in Northern India. We supply our products across India and Singapore, over and above that, have a franchisee store situated in New Delhi, India. At present,we are privileged to connect with a network of 45,000 and counting audience on social platform.

The Process


Details of a fabric is well scrutinized in terms of type, design and cost-effectiveness which plays an important role in deciding each product outcome , being a kurti,blouse or a saree. Upon choosing the fabric,a graphic design sample is made to visualize the final product beforehand.


Once we are satisfied with the graphic design,a physical sample is made using the selected fabric. Once the sample is approved,according to the demand of the market the quantity is decided upon.


Depending on the type of product, it is then sent for tailoring, polishing and other finishing touches. Finally, the products are imported to Malaysia and are made available at our store for purchase

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